penis drinking straws

Glow in the Dark Penis Straws

10 Glow in the Dark Pecker Straws
glow in the dark penis straws

Glow in the dark novelties are fun, but not as much fun as they should be. Hold these penis straws up to the light for a few minutes to charge them with magical glowing energy. Then turn off the lights and…. wow! Cool stuff. They do indeed glow in the dark, at least for a few minutes. But they begin to fade quickly and are soon just a faint glow and then invisible in the dark. In the light they just look off-white. What the heck; they're cheap. Get some to play with.


10 Glow in the Dark Penis Straws

glow in dark penis straws
These are the glow version of the penis-shaped straws, complete with veins and small separated balls. The glow is great while it’s working.


10 Glow in the Dark Sexxxy Straws
glow in dark sexxxy straws

These are good penis straws as long as they’re glowing, but in the light you’ll probably wish you had the flesh version. They feature a distinct penis shape, with a big scrotum and defined head. No veins or bumps.


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