penis drinking straws

Giant Penis Straws

6 Flexible Giant Penis Straws
flexible giant penis straw

You’ll need maximum sucking power to get a drink to travel up these straws’ 12 full inches. The straws are unique and cool but not really very penisy looking, unless you have been checking out aliens lately. The bendy part is between the head and balls. Each pack includes six neon colors: yellow, red, pink, flesh, blue and green. These penis straws are for full-size drinks that can handle their manly length and girth.


1 Glow in the Dark Jumbo Penis Straw

jumbo glow in dark penis straw

This is another glow penis straw but, because of its size, it fits better in this category. It's eleven inches long and an inch across and features some veins and small offset balls. Let the bride-to-be show off with this big fella while the rest of you make do with your little melvins.


1 Pink Jumbo Penis Straw
jumbo pink penis straw

Bright pink version of the glow penis straw that is eleven inches long and an inch across. Features nice penis shape, with some veins and offset balls. Looks like a bright pink bottle rocket about to shoot off. Yikes!


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