Penis Drinking Straws

"Flesh Color" Penis Straws

8 Sexxxy Sipping Straws
Sexxxy sipping straws

These are fleshy pink Caucasian penis straws, with bulbous balls in a scrotum. You drink from a rather small hole in the tip of the penis. One plastic vein runs up the back. You have seen these penis straws at many bachelorette parties, so if you don’t want to get too innovative or outlandish, these are the ones to buy.


10 Penis-Shaped Straws

penis shaped straws

With a cockiness rating of five titters, these Caucasian penis straws are not for those who prefer cartoon dicks. They are veiny with small, separated balls and a small hole at the tip of the penis. Truly pencil dicks, they will have guests saying, geez, would you look at that!


6 Penis Sippy Straws
penis sippy straws

These straws feature the outline of a vaguely penis-like shape. Or is it a rocket ship? Either way, they are completely non-offensive, even if you live in Kentucky or South Carolina. The fun pink color lets you know you are having a good time. Watch the penis colada travel through the twists and turns until it reaches your mouth. Do you swallow?


10 Black Penis Straws

Black penis straws

African-Americans are not the only ones who choose these straws, which are really more dark chocolate brown than black. Are these people being ironic, post-modern, liberal or what? Who cares? These are the African-American version of the pink penis-shaped straws: same ugly veins, shriveled balls and well-defined head.


12 Pink Penis Straws
pink penis straws

These are really more straws with penises than penis straws. A small, bright pink penisy plastic thing is glued a few inches from the top of the straw, and remains visible when you are drinking. It sort of looks like a penis if you don’t look too closely. The straw emerging from the tip is a bit disturbing and doesn’t help the penis illusion too much. One big advantage is that this is more like a real straw than many products. You can actually consume a drink without getting a headache trying to pull alcohol through a tiny passage.

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